1. banffcentrelibraryandarchives:

    Week of January 20, 2014:

    • Some families of Beau-Marais. Gary Richman. Wakefield, RI : Blue Book Issues, 1993.
    • Being = space x action. Charles Stein. Berkley, CA : North Atlantic Books, 1989.
    • The major arteries and the minor tributes. Raymond Pettibon. [Los Angeles, Calif.] : Ooga Booga Pubs., 2009.
    • Public Projections. Krzysztof Wodiczko. [1980/81?].
    • Absolute Cream No Sugar. Elyce Semenec. New York, NY : Semenec, 1996.
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    PAY PER FLYER SEPT 11, 2012

  3. David Lynch - I Have A Radio MUSIC VIDEO

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  6. Robert Crumb   The Vulture Goddess 1990

    48 X 40 X 27”

    Crumb, Terry Zwigoff, 1994


  7. jonnynegron:

    several new pieces available for purchase here

  8. jonnynegron:

    Let’s go swimming, 2014. This drawings for sale at bigcartel, along with several other orginial drawings. A limited number of prints and copies of Flash Forward are still available as well

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    Drop this here and remind you I am on cam jessieminx.cammodels.com

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    From now on all nsfw stuff will be posted here

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